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Operative gynecology

The Operative Gynecology Center at GMS Hospital specializes in the surgical treatment of diseases and pathological conditions of the female reproductive system. Surgical interventions are done using the safest techniques possible, ensuring minimal risk to the patient. We will quickly diagnose and recommend treatment approaches for even the most complicated women’s health issues.

Doctors specializing in

Our department is equipped with modern, advanced technology for performing planned as well as emergency gynecological surgery, and the broad knowledge and multi-year experience of our surgical gynecologists ensure the best treatment results.

Operative gynecology at GMS Hospital

The Center for Operative Gynecology is located at 45 Kalanchevskaya street, Moscow. The aim of any gynecological operation is to preserve a woman’s reproductive health and childbearing capacity. Our surgical ward was designed to enable our doctors to perform most types of planned surgical interventions, open surgery as well as laparoscopic, for patients with various kinds of gynecological pathologies.

Operative Gynecology

Our GMS Hospital specialists prefer to use low-impact, organ-preserving methods with endoscopic technologies, providing the following advantages:

  • preservation of the functions of the treated organ;
  • ultra-advanced equipment - the use of modern endoscopic equipment makes it possible to perform targeted operations without harming the surrounding healthy tissue;
  • safety - the possibility to excise affected tissues while simultaneously coagulating blood vessels prevents the development of bleeding;
  • reduced postoperative pain;
  • minimal risk of postoperative complications;
  • quick recovery period - patients usually leave the hospital in less than one day.

Our clinic has a modern surgical ward, an intensive care unit, and comfortable inpatient facilities. All surgical units are equipped with high-quality laparoscopic and hysteroscopic devices, ultrasound scanners, and advanced ventilation systems.

What we treat

The Operative Gynecology Center at GMS Hospital treats benign growths of the female reproductive system, and performs reconstructive and plastic genital surgery. These procedures include:

  • bougienage (dilation) of the cervical canal;
  • tracheloplasty;
  • hysteroresectoscopy;
  • removal of ovarian cysts;
  • removal of Bartholin gland cysts;
  • removal of endometrial polyps;
  • removal of cervical polyps.

Thanks to the extensive experience of our highly qualified gynecological surgeons, and their use of gentle surgical techniques, operations at GMS Hospital involve minimal patient trauma, which significantly speeds up the healing process.

When you should contact us

The following conditions are indications for surgery:

  • endometrial hyperplastic processes (adenomyosis and endometriosis);
  • polyps of the vagina, cervical canal and uterine cavity;
  • condylomatosis of the vulva, perineum;
  • uterine bleeding of unknown cause;
  • tubal and peritoneal infertility;
  • cicatricial deformities of the cervix;
  • abnormal development of the internal genital organs;
  • pathology of appendages (polycystic ovary syndrome, cystic and tumor-like ovarian neoplasms, ectopic pregnancy, etc.);
  • benign lesions in the muscular and submucosal layer of the uterus (fibroids);
  • Asherman syndrome (adhesions in the uterus and appendages).

Why an operation is necessary

Surgery is the most effective method of treatment for many gynecological disorders such as cysts, cicatricial deformities, tumorous formations, adhesions, and hyperplastic processes, which involve significant changes in the tissue structure of the internal genital organs. Conservative treatment of such pathologies can only temporarily delay surgical intervention, which is the only way to eliminate the problem and preserve reproductive health.

Methods of operative gynecology

The surgeons at GMS hospital are specialists in endoscopic gynecology, with practical experience in laparoscopic and hysteroscopic surgery of any degree of complexity. During operations, laser and radio frequency technologies are extensively used, which makes it possible to perform surgical procedures as gently as possible.

Operative Gynecology

Preoperative workup, diagnostics

Our patients have at their disposal all the diagnostic and treatment facilities of GMS Clinics. In one day you can complete all preoperative tests and laboratory analyses, and receive a consultation from one of our experts. The diagnostic methods we use at the GMS Operative Gynecology Center include:

  • laboratory tests;
  • video colposcopy;
  • ultrasound examination;
  • diagnostic laparoscopy;
  • hysteroscopy;
  • ultrasonography;
  • CT and MRI scan;
  • biopsy with histological and cytological analysis.

GMS Hospital’s advanced technological facilities allow our doctors to perform gynecological operations in accordance with the principles of international evidence-based medicine, which ensures the fastest possible rehabilitation and recovery.

Rehabilitation at our clinic

When planning surgical strategies and tactics, GMS Hospital specialists use a comprehensive approach. Our gynecologists control and monitor each stage of the surgical treatment, including postoperative care, to help our patients return to full health as soon as possible. Because our doctors use minimally invasive surgical techniques, patients spend less than 24 hours in our inpatient facility, and in most cases they are able to go home just a few hours after the operation. The remainder of the recovery period is spent in the comfort and privacy of your home.

Before patients are released, the doctor explains the details of the recovery period, and gives them essential recommendations about diet, physical activity, and other lifestyle concerns. You can obtain full information about operations and the recovery period by signing up for a consultation with a gynecologist.

Why patients choose us

The Operative Gynecology Center at GMS Hospital offers:

When you come to us for medical care, you can be assured of confidentiality, comfort, and effective treatment of your individual health issue. You can sign up for a consultation with a specialist by phone or through our online form.

About us

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At GMS Hospital we have built a team of highly qualified specialists in various fields of medicine.

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