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Emergency room, 24-hour

Our emergency room offers first aid for dislocations, fractures, bleeding wounds and other traumatic injuries.

Why patients choose us

Diagnostics and treatment at the GMS Hospital emergency room are performed in full compliance with the highest international standards. When necessary, medical specialists from multiple disciplines are involved in creating a patient's treatment plan. All our patients are ensured of the following:

Emergency room
  • modern conservative and surgical treatment methods;
  • integrated approach to the treatment of injuries and prevention of future trauma;
  • completely safe and painless procedures;
  • minimal risk of complications;
  • high-quality expendables and suture materials;
  • inpatient care and hospitalization in a modern facility, when necessary;
  • no queues, comfortable conditions for patients and visitors;
  • temporary disability forms (if required).

Our 24-hour emergency room is equipped with all necessary diagnostic equipment, a modern operating room, wound dressing station, a treatment room, and postoperative inpatient rooms. You can have a consultation with a traumatologist, surgeon, and other physician specialists, undergo necessary laboratory tests and examinations, as well as continue treatment in the inpatient facility. Also available to patients are physiotherapy, physical therapy, massage, and manual therapy. Our ambulance service will arrive quickly and take you to the emergency room.

When you need the emergency room

If you suspect any of the following, you should go immediately to the emergency room:

  • bone fracture, joint injury;
  • dislocations and partial dislocations;
  • contusions on any part of the body;
  • cuts, stab wounds, tears or bruises;
  • damage to tendons, ligaments or muscles;
  • burns or frostbite;
  • animal/insect bites or stings;
  • traumatic brain injury;
  • other traumatic injuries.

In the event of any injury to the musculoskeletal system, you should immediately contact the emergency room. The doctor will make a quick examination and diagnosis, and will promptly administer the necessary medical care.

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Diagnosis of trauma

In order to properly diagnose the patient's medical condition, we use the most advanced methods and techniques:

The emergency room doctor will determine which diagnostic methods to use for each patient's specific case.

Treatment methods

The surgeons and orthopedic traumatologists at GMS clinic's 24-hour emergency room are leading experts with many years of experience, and can expertly diagnose and treat injuries of almost any nature and severity. Our doctors use low-impact microsurgery as well as laser and radio wave surgery whenever appropriate.

Our specialists use a wide range of therapeutic and operative methods for treating traumatic injuries:

Emergency room
  • Stitches for pressure or fixation bandages;
  • dressing and removal of plaster bandages, including "plastic casts";
  • resetting of dislocated joints;
  • wound dressing;
  • joint puncture;
  • peri-articular and intra-articular injections;
  • Medicine-induced blockade;
  • removal of foreign bodies from soft tissues, nasal cavity, paranasal sinuses and throat;
  • kinesiology taping;
  • surgical treatment of wounds (primary and secondary);
  • stitching and stripping;
  • tendon reconstruction;
  • closed reposition of bone fragments, if necessary with osteosynthesis using metal pins.

The patient will be guided through the rehabilitation period by our specialists, who will continue to monitor and supervise the healing process. If necessary, the doctor will choose the proper rehabilitation equipment for you, such as crutches, cane, brace, walkers, etc.

Operations at GMS

Our modern operating rooms are equipped with advanced, high-tech equipment, enabling our doctors to provide emergency care for a variety of injuries and conditions requiring surgical intervention. Most operations are performed using arthroscopic equipment:

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Rehabilitation in our clinic

Comprehensive rehabilitation after minor surgery involves activities aimed at reducing edema and promoting the fast healing of the wound. The specialists at GMS Hospital surgical center have a wide range of modern rehabilitation technologies that ensure a quick return to a normal life. When designing a rehabilitation and recovery program, the doctor takes into account many factors - age, general health, lifestyle, etc.

Additional services

We provide emergency preventive treatment for rabies and tetanus at GMS Hospital's 24-hour emergency room. If you are bitten by an animal, the traumatologist will examine and treat the wound, stitch it (if necessary), and also determine whether to prescribe a course of vaccinations against tetanus and rabies.

The vaccine will provide reliable protection against these diseases. The rabies vaccination has no contraindications, and is usually administered if a person has been bitten by a wild animal. Write down the phone number of the GMS clinic emergency room, and commit our address to memory. Traumatic injuries can occur at any time or place, when you are least expecting it. Our doctors are always available to help you, even in the most difficult situations!

About us

At GMS Hospital, you and your family can receive treatment for most medical issues that require surgery, on par with the highest standards of European medical care, without leaving Moscow.

Our team

At GMS Hospital we have built a team of highly qualified specialists in various fields of medicine.

Alexey Rykunov Orthopaedic surgeon, Chief of Trauma and Orthopaedic Department
Badma Bashankaev Chief of colorectal surgery. Surgeon, Proctologist / Coloproctologist, Surgical oncologist
Oleg Abramov Otolaryngology, head & neck surgery
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At GMS Hospital, every detail has been designed to ensure your complete comfort while receiving medical treatment.

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