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Operative urology

The Operative Urology/Andrology Center at GMS Hospital specializes in the surgical treatment of diseases of the kidneys, ureters, bladder, and male reproductive organs. Most of our surgical procedures are performed using minimally invasive methods, which ensures the best clinical results and the fastest possible recovery and return to an active, healthy life. Operations are carried out by highly qualified specialists with extensive experience in operative urology.

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What we treat

Many diseases of the kidneys, urinary tract and organs of the male reproductive system require surgical intervention. At the GMS Hospital surgical center we have created all the necessary conditions for the proper treatment of the following disorders:

Operative urology
  • abnormal development of urinary organs, external genital organs, etc.;
  • kidney, bladder and ureter stones;
  • neoplasms of the kidneys, bladder, urethra, ureter, testicles and prostate gland;
  • cysts of the kidneys, spermatic cord, and epididymis; paraurethral cysts;
  • renal prolapse (nephroptosis), prolapse of the bladder (cystocele);
  • urinary incontinence (in men and women);
  • strictures of the ureter and urethra;
  • adenoma of the prostate;
  • medical surgical emergencies – pyelonephritis, acute urinary retention, renal colic;
  • erectile dysfunction, penile curvature;
  • abnormal development of urinary organs, external genitalia, etc.

The urologists and andrologists at GMS use the utmost discretion when treating patients with disorders of the urinary and reproductive systems. Preference is given to minimally invasive techniques such as microsurgery and endoscopic (laparoscopic) surgery. Most operations are either transurethral or endoscopic, i.e. performed without incisions.

Our specialists are trained in the latest surgical techniques, and can perform almost any kind of urgent or planned urological operation. Thanks to their broad experience, our urologists can perform corrective surgery to treat congenital anomalies of the urinary system.

Why you should choose us

The Operative Urology/Andrology Center at GMS offers:

  • a comprehensive, multidisciplinary approach to treatment;
  • the latest minimally-invasive techniques for the fastest possible recovery;
  • expert consultation with top urologists and andrologists;
  • if necessary, second opinions from leading urologists in the USA, Switzerland, Germany, France, and Italy;
  • our own ambulance service;
  • the most advanced equipment for diagnostics and treatment;
  • modern and safe anaesthesia; latest-generation sutures expendables;
  • minimal risk of postoperative complications;
  • exceptional recovery/restorative treatment;
  • comfortable inpatient facilities with luxury-class single rooms;
  • 24-hour medical care.

Our surgical units are equipped with the necessary modern medical equipment for performing operations at the highest level. Techniques such as microsurgery, as well as ultrasound, laser and radio wave technologies are extensively used.

If you have been advised to undergo surgical treatment, and you want to find a top clinic to perform the operation, sign up for a consultation with a urologist/andrologist at GMS Hospital. We will provide you with the most comprehensive information available on your specific medical issue.

About us

At GMS Hospital, you and your family can receive treatment for most medical issues that require surgery, on par with the highest standards of European medical care, without leaving Moscow.

Our team

At GMS Hospital we have built a team of highly qualified specialists in various fields of medicine.

Alexey Rykunov Orthopaedic surgeon, Chief of Trauma and Orthopaedic Department
Badma Bashankaev Chief of colorectal surgery. Surgeon, Proctologist / Coloproctologist, Surgical oncologist
Oleg Abramov Otolaryngology, head & neck surgery
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At GMS Hospital, every detail has been designed to ensure your complete comfort while receiving medical treatment.

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