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Inpatient hospitalization

GMS offers inpatient hospitalization for patients undergoing comprehensive medical tests and/or surgery. Not all illnesses can be treated as outpatient procedures; in such cases the patient needs an extended period of time for treatment and subsequent rehabilitation, as well as continuous observation by specialists.

The GMS Hospital surgical center is a modern medical clinic offering top-level healthcare services in Moscow. Here you can have an expert consultation with any specialist, and receive outpatient as well as inpatient treatment.

What services can you receive in the inpatient facility at GMS Hospital

The GMS Hospital surgical center is part of the Global Medical System Clinics and Hospitals group of companies, offering each patient top-quality, individualized medical assistance in full conformity to international standards and requirements. In our inpatient facility you have access to the following:

Inpatient hospitalization
  • comprehensive diagnostics;
  • conservative treatment;
  • surgical treatment;
  • medical-therapeutic activities and procedures;
  • rehabilitation treatment;
  • round-the-clock visits by relatives;
  • high-tech, minimally invasive treatment methods.

Any surgical procedure, even minimally invasive ones, presumes that the patient will spend time in the inpatient facility. The length of time spent under postoperative medical observation depends on the scope and complexity of the surgery, the general health of the patient, and many other factors. Patients can spend between a few hours up to several days in the inpatient ward.

For patients with acute conditions requiring immediate medical treatment, we provide emergency hospitalization. Patients sometimes use our inpatient facilities who are undergoing a planned consultation with a GMS specialist; other patients are here under observation at the order of a doctor from a different medical institution. When patients are brought to our clinic by our ambulance service for hospitalization, one important advantage is that the same specialists who attended to the patient in the ambulance will continue treating the patient here. This way, the continuity of treatment is fully maintained, saving time and avoiding problems with the transfer of information that often occur when a patient is assigned to a different doctor.

Why patients choose us

At the surgical inpatient facility at GMS Hospital, we perform a wide range of elective and emergency surgery in areas such as gynecology, urology/andrology, oncology, proctology, and general surgery. GMS offers indisputable advantages:

  • High-tech diagnostic equipment that allows doctors to quickly perform a comprehensive diagnosis of a disease or injury;
  • Our own laboratory that can quickly carry out the entire range of necessary tests;
  • Advanced conservative and operative treatment methods;
  • The latest minimally-invasive techniques for the fastest possible postoperative recovery;
  • High-quality expendables and suturing materials;
  • Comprehensive, multi-disciplinary approach to treatement - the patient is observed not only by the surgeon, but other specialists;
  • Safe local and general anesthesia;
  • Medical observation of the patient in the postoperative period, assistance for a speedy recovery and return to normal life.

Our operating rooms are outfitted with the advanced technological equipment necessary for operations to be performed at the very highest level. Most surgical procedures are done using endoscopic and laparoscopic methods; laser and radio microsurgery are also extensively used.

An individual treatment plan is devised for each patient, based on the particulars of their medical issue. Hospitalization at GMS means not only the best surgical treatment possible, but also the most effective rehabilitation/recovery plan for the quickest return to full health.

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Our inpatient facility

The inpatient unit at GMS Hospital is located at the same address as the surgical ward - 45 Kalanchevskaya street, Moscow. We offer our patients luxury-class, single rooms equipped with everything they need, including comfortable furniture, household appliances, a private bathroom with shower, and complimentary high-speed Wi-Fi.

For patients undergoing treatment, four daily meals are served, specially prepared for the patient's dietary needs. At GMS, our inpatient facilities offer the highest level of comfort possible, and all diagnostic and treatment procedures are carried out at the highest professional level. For more information on hospitalization at the GMS inpatient facility, contact us by phone or online.

When to contact our inpatient facility

Hospitalization at our inpatient facility is offered in emergencies as well as for planned procedures. The reasons for hospitalization include:

Inpatient hospitalization
  • The necessity of additional diagnostic testing that cannot be performed as an outpatient procedure;
  • The treatment plan involves regular procedures requiring specialized equipment located only at a medical facility;
  • Preoperative preparation;
  • Rehabilitation and recovery care that can only be performed as inpatient procedures.

Emergency hospitalization is provided in the event of an emergency medical condition or the exacerbation of a chronic disease requiring immediate medical care.

What we treat

At GMS Hospital surgical center we perform operations in the following areas of medicine:

  • general surgery;
  • urology / andrology;
  • abdominal surgery;
  • gynecology;
  • proctology;
  • ophthalmology;
  • vascular surgery / phlebology;
  • otolaryngology;
  • traumatology / orthopedics;
  • gastroenterology;
  • plastic and bariatric surgery.

We successfully treat acute surgical conditions (appendicitis, ovarian apoplexy, hernia incarceration, intestinal obstruction, etc.) and perform elective surgery for tumors, cysts, polyps, diverticula, fistulas, obesity and other pathologies.

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Preparation, diagnosis

We offer our patients the most modern diagnostic and examination methods:

The specific tests and examinations you will need are determined by the doctor on an individual basis during the consultation. You can complete your comprehensive examination in one to two days.

Surgery at GMS

At GMS Hospital we perform all types of examinations, therapeutic and diagnostic procedures, and conservative and surgical treatments. Our modern operating rooms are fully equipped with the most advanced equipment, enabling our doctors to carry out operations in all areas of modern surgery. We have consistently successful outcomes with both minimally invasive and complex, large-scale operations.

Thanks to the multi-year experience and high qualifications of our specialists, and their use of the latest surgical techniques (minimally invasive, endoscopic and laparoscopic techniques), patients can be assured of successful and effective medical treatment, with minimal operational risk and blood loss, minimum time spent in the hospital, and the fastest possible recovery.

About us

At GMS Hospital, you and your family can receive treatment for most medical issues that require surgery, on par with the highest standards of European medical care, without leaving Moscow.

Our team

At GMS Hospital we have built a team of highly qualified specialists in various fields of medicine.

Alexey Rykunov Orthopaedic surgeon, Chief of Trauma and Orthopaedic Department
Badma Bashankaev Chief of colorectal surgery. Surgeon, Proctologist / Coloproctologist, Surgical oncologist
Oleg Abramov Otolaryngology, head & neck surgery
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At GMS Hospital, every detail has been designed to ensure your complete comfort while receiving medical treatment.

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