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Laboratory analysis

Laboratory analysis refers to a comprehensive set of tests performed in order to identify pathogens and to study deviations and changes in tissues and biological fluids of the human body. One of the key fields of medical activity for the assessment of general health, laboratory tests provide almost 70% of the diagnostic information doctors need to properly diagnose and treat a patient.

The fully-equipped, modern laboratory at GMS Hospital performs a wide range of tests (hematological, biochemical, hormonal, genetic, etc.) using proprietary test systems and reagents, making it possible to obtain reliable results in the shortest possible time.

Laboratory analysis

Advantages of GMS

It's a well-known fact that reliable laboratory tests are essential to any top-rated medical facility. At GMS, our laboratory is outfitted with the most advanced analyzers, and we use the best test systems and highest-quality reagents to ensure the quickest and most accurate results. Most test results are ready within several hours, after which you can meet with a specialist for a full consultation.

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Types of tests

The laboratory at GMS performs a wide range of essential tests:

Our laboratory is located at 45 Kalanchevskaya street in Moscow. We work 24 hours a day. You can arrange to have laboratory tests done at a time convenient for you, any day of the week (including weekends and holidays).

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Procedure for laboratory tests

During a medical consultation at GMS, the doctor will determine which specific tests the patient needs. These tests will be indicated on the patient's medical chart. Specimens are taken in the examination room (blood, urine, spinal fluid, stool sample, etc.), and the container is marked with a barcode which is entered into a computer database, to ensure that specimens are always organized and can be easily located.

Most laboratory results, with the exception of bacteriological cultures and several other tests, is one business day. If necessary, tests can be performed within a few hours (in cito). Analyses that do not require any prior preparation can be performed immediately after the doctor's consultation.

Lab test results can be obtained from your doctor or at the GMS Hospital registry. At the patient's request, the results can be sent via e-mail, fax, or on an external disk or flash drive. For more detailed information on laboratory tests and test results, and to sign up for a consultation with a specialist, call us or use our online form.

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