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Endoscopy is a collective concept, based on the physical properties of flexible optical fiber, specifically its ability to transmit light and images. This technology enables doctors to examine the internal organs using special equipment: a thin flexible endoscope with built-in optics that provides a high-quality image of an internal area, with magnification.

One of the key advantages of endoscopy is that during the examination of an affected area, the doctor may simultaneously perform a biopsy and carry out treatment procedures. At the GMS Hospital diagnostic center, we do all types of endoscopic examinations and low minimally invasive operations, using either local or general anesthesia.

About endoscopy

Endoscopy is a non-traumatic method of diagnosing various disorders of internal organs. It provides a detailed view of mucous membranes, and if necessary allows the doctor to extract biomaterial (biopsy, scraping) for further cytological and histological analysis. Endoscopy makes it possible to diagnose early-stage oncological processes with a high degree of accuracy, and to perform a wide range of microsurgery, including the excision of tumors of various sizes and locations.


Endoscopy at GMS Hospital enables doctors to quickly and painlessly examine the following organs:

  • esophagus, stomach, duodenum;
  • colon;
  • vagina, uterine cavity;
  • rectum and distal sigmoid colon;
  • external auditory canal, eardrum;
  • abdominal organs.

Endoscopy is widely used in gynecology, urology, and abdominal and general surgery, as well as in other medical fields. Using high-tech microinstruments, doctors are able to carry out an extensive range of surgical procedures without incisions or scarring. Built-in optical lenses enable specialists to see the finest details and to carry out pinpoint operations, without trauma to surrounding, healthy tissue.

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Types of endoscopic examinations

At the GMS Hospital surgical center, we perform all types of endoscopic examinations and diagnostics:

  • arthroscopy - endoscopic examination of the joints;
  • bronchoscopy (FBS) - examination of the larynx, bronchi, trachea;
  • gastroscopy (FGDS) - examination of the stomach, esophagus, duodenum;
  • hysteroscopy - examination of the inner surface of the cervix and uterus;
  • colposcopy - examination of the vagina and uterine cervix;
  • colonoscopy - examination of the inner walls of the large intestine;
  • rectoromanoscopy - examination of the lower intestine with entry into the ileum;
  • endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography (ERCP) - X-ray endoscopic diagnosis of the bile ducts and the central pancreatic duct using contrast.

Thanks to the advanced technological equipment at GMS Hospital, our doctors are able to perform all types of endoscopic examinations quickly and without pain or discomfort to the patient.

What equipment is used

Diagnosis and treatment are carried out using top-of-the-line Olympus and Pentax endoscopic machines, which provide the highest-quality images at a range of magnifications. This makes it possible to:

  • visually examine the surfaces of mucous membranes in the finest detail;
  • perform a biopsy with pinpoint accuracy;
  • carry out operations for excising not only tumor formations from the mucous membrane, but also part of the submucosal layer, which significantly increases the radical nature of the intervention.

Our clinic uses only the latest-generation endoscopic equipment from leading medical manufacturers (Pentax Medical, Stryker, Olympus, etc.). The combination of HD+ resolution and i-scan technology, brings our diagnostic capabilities to a whole new level, allowing doctors to detect even the slightest changes in the tissues.

Besides instrumental examinations using a flexible endoscope, specialists at the GMS clinic conduct video capsular endoscopy with 360 ° panoramic imaging, which provides a clear, comprehensive review of the internal state of the digestive tract. If you have been advised to undergo video endoscopy, make an appointment with our specialists, online or by phone, to try one of the most comfortable and highly accurate diagnostic methods available - CapsoCam endoscopy.

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Why patients choose us

At the GMS Hospital surgical center we have best endoscopic physicians on staff, with unmatched practical experience, who have trained at leading Russian and international medical institutions. Some of the key advantages of the diagnostic center at GMS are:

When patients opt for sedation, the specific anesthesia and dosage are chosen and calculated for each patient by an anesthesiologist who is present for the entire procedure. The patient experiences no pain or discomfort, and there are no after-effects from the sedation.

The video endoscopy systems we use provide a sharp, detailed image that can be magnified several times and recorded onto a storage medium (flash drive or disk). You can sign up for an endoscopic examination and consultation with a specialist by telephone or online. The examination can be scheduled for any day of the week, including weekends and holidays, at a time that is convenient for you.

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