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Functional diagnostics

Functional diagnostics refers to the assessment of the function of internal organs and systems using various instruments to measure their objective indicators. The results obtained in the study help the specialist to identify dysfunctions and to identify the reserve capabilities of systems and organs.

Changes in functional indicators often appear long before the first clinical symptoms of a disease, allowing its earlier detection and treatment. At the GMS Hospital diagnostic center, we perform all types of functional diagnostics using advanced, modern equipment.

Functional diagnostics

Methods of functional diagnostics

Modern functional diagnostics encompasses a wide range of techniques that enable the physician to quickly understand the condition of an organ or bodily system, to accurately diagnose the issue, to determine the stage of the illness, and to prescribe the best course of treatment.

All methods used in functional diagnostics are non-invasive and safe, and are carried out using high-tech equipment. After a complete picture of the disorder is obtained and a full diagnosis given, these methods are also used to monitor the progress of treatment. You can find out more information and make an appointment for a functional diagnostics consultation by calling GMS clinic or by using our online form.

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Why patients choose us

At GMS Hospital, not only can you obtain a comprehensive diagnosis, but also a full course of treatment. Examinations are carried out by doctors with many years of practical experience in the field of functional diagnostics. Our clinic is outfitted with the most advanced diagnostic equipment, ensuring highly accurate results.

Advantages of diagnostics at GMS:

The diagnostic center at GMS Hospital performs a full range of tests in the field of functional diagnostics, from treadmill tests to electroneuromyography. Research does not require preparation, so you can go through the necessary procedure directly on the day of treatment.

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Types of tests performed

At GMS Hospital we carry out the following types of functional diagnostic tests:

  • electrocardiography (EKG) - an assessment of cardiac function and rhythms by measuring the electrical activity of the heart;
  • cardio stress tests - exercise tests aimed at detecting disorders of the heart and coronary vessels;
  • Holter monitoring and SMAT - monitoring heart activity and blood pressure over the course of a day using a special device;
  • treadmill test;
  • pulse oximetry - analysis of blood oxygen saturation;
  • echocardiography (echocardiogram) - examination of the heart, its vessels and valves;
  • veloergometry;
  • electroencephalography (EEG);
  • cardiotocography (CTG);
  • electroneuromyography (ENMG) - examination of the functional state of peripheral nerves and skeletal muscles;
  • spirometry (AFP) - analysis of air circulation in the bronchopulmonary system.

All test methods are painless, safe and non-invasive, and are conducted by experienced diagnosticians using the best equipment available. Immediately after the examination, patients are provided with an expert medical opinion with recommendations.

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