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Anesthesiologist / Intensive care physician

The anesthesiologist ensures that the surgical procedure is safe and painless for the patient. Anesthesiologists select the type of anesthesia for the operation, determine the required dosage, administer the anesthesia, and constantly monitors the condition of the patient. Every surgical team includes an anesthesiologist, whose task is to instantly respond to any change in the patient's condition during the operation.

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When you need to see this specialist

Any patient who is preparing for surgery or another medical procedure requiring general or regional anesthesia will consult with an anesthesiologist. While local anesthesia can be administered by the doctor who is treating the patient, general or epidural (spinal) anesthesia must be administered by an anesthesiologist.

The role of this specialist

Anaesthesiologists and intensive care physicians deal with borderline, life-threatening conditions. They possess the advanced medical skills necessary to guide patients into medicated unconsciousness, with complete deactivation of the senses. They are also fully trained to provide medical care in emergency cases involving cardiac arrest, anaphylactic shock, acute respiratory failure, and so forth.

Intensive care physicians assist in the treatment of patients with complex injuries, severe burns, frostbite, or infectious lesions, i.e. those with the most serious and life-threatening injuries and conditions, in the emergency room and intensive care unit.

Preparation, diagnosis, initial consultation

Patients awaiting surgery will usually meet with the anesthesiologist before the procedure. No special preparation is required. The doctor will carefully study the patient’s medical history to find out whether the patient has any chronic diseases or allergies. He or she will look at the results of any tests and exams performed, and if necessary may prescribe additional studies to determine whether a particular type of anesthesia can be used and in what dosage.

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What medical services are provided by anesthesiologist and intensive care physicians

GMS Hospital provides a full range of medical services in the field of surgical treatment. The anesthesiologist selects the most appropriate anesthetic and determines the correct dosage, taking into account the patient's general condition, examination results, chronic diseases (if any) and other factors. This thorough analysis is necessary to avoid any complications from the anesthesia.

Our anesthesiologists and intensive care physicians also perform the following treatment procedures:

All procedures and interventions are carried out in strict accordance with international protocols. GMS Hospital is equipped with the most advanced, high-precision equipment. During their entire stay at our clinic, patients are surrounded by experienced, attentive specialists who provide the full range of medical care required at each stage of treatment. Sign up for a consultation with a GMS Hospital specialist online or by phone.

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