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Bariatric surgeon

Bariatric surgeons specializes in the surgical treatment of obesity. They perform operations to lower a patient’s weight by reducing the size of the stomach.

Doctors who are qualified

Patients who are overweight often suffer from various related diseases - type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disorders, problems with sexual performance. At GMS Hospital we have highly skilled bariatric surgeons who have trained at the best foreign clinics in Europe and Israel.

When to see a doctor

Experts at the World Health Organization are sounding the alarm - obesity is becoming a global epidemic. Conservative treatment methods for people with a BMI (body mass index) of 35-40 kg / m² are almost always ineffective. When diets, exercise, and psychological counseling fail to reduce a patient’s weight, bariatrics is the only way to regain health.

Bariatric surgeon

You should consult a bariatric surgeon if:

  • your BMI is over 35 kg / m². This unhealthy overweight condition is called morbid obesity and it is almost impossible to treat using conservative approaches;
  • you have been overweight since childhood;
  • you have a family history of obesity;
  • you have type 2 diabetes;
  • your excess weight is caused by hypertension;
  • you have been trying to lose weight for at least 3 years using conservative methods.

After bariatric surgery, stable weight reduction is achieved during the observation period. At GMS, this procedure is performed laparoscopically, without incisions, and therefore without scars or a long recovery.

What the doctor treats

A bariatric surgeon treats morbid obesity, i.e. when the body mass index is more than 35 kg / m2. However, the doctor’s duties are not limited to the surgical procedure - he or she also treats the patient after the operation, follows their progress, and if necessary, may perform a follow-up operation. The patient’s eligibility for surgery and the operative method are determined on an individual basis.

Preparation, diagnosis, primary reception

Consultations with a bariatric specialist, like with other doctors, begin with a discussion of the patient’s medical history - hereditary issues, lifestyle, the presence of any physical diseases (especially of the endocrine system), and any previous operations. Then the doctor will perform a physical examination and order a comprehensive set of tests to determine the location, volume and percentage of adipose tissue:

After receiving the test results, if there are no contraindications to surgery, the doctor will explain in detail the procedures of bariatric surgery, and propose the most optimal treatment strategy for each case. No special preparation is required for a consultation with a bariatric surgeon. Be sure to tell your doctor about any regular medications or dietary supplements, as you may need to temporarily stop taking them. Also, do not forget to notify the doctor about any drug allergies.

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What operations are performed by bariatric surgeons

The GMS Hospital surgery center offers top medical treatment in the field of bariatric surgery. Our highly skilled doctors perform the following bariatric operations:

Inguinal hernia
  • Inguinal hernia
  • gastroshuntirovanie;
  • biliopancreatic shunting;
  • sleeve gastroplasty;
  • gastroectomy;
  • gastric banding (installation of an adjustable ring).

The surgical plan is determined by the doctor for each individual clinical case, depending on a range of factors. The use of modern endosurgical technologies allows us to perform operations with minimal trauma and the best clinical results.

Prescribing treatment or referral for surgery

Bariatric operations are performed as elective surgery. The surgeon will fully prepare the patient for surgery, and closely observe the patient in the postoperative period. He or she will provide the patient with detailed written recommendations regarding diet and exercise, during the rehabilitation period in the hospital and beyond. After the intervention, patients actively lose weight over the course of a year, preserving their achieved results by maintaining a proper diet and engaging in the prescribed level of physical activity.

Our bariatric specialists will provide all necessary assistance. Thanks to modern, low-impact surgical techniques, you will quickly conquer obesity and return to an active life - a life without breathlessness, joint pain, and problems with sexual performance. Sign up for a consultation with a bariatric surgeon by phone or online.

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