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Andrologists are doctors who treat and diagnose diseases of the male genitalia. The name of comes from the Greek word for man, "andros." Today, many factors, including stress and environmental degradation, are contributing to an increase in the incidence of sexual dysfunction in men. Andrologists have a number of approaches to treat this problem, but not all men are aware of this option, and those that are often reluctant to contact a specialist due to psychological barriers. Men who experience diminished sexual performance should contact an andrologist. And annual checkups with an andrologist are recommended, in order to detect early stages of various diseases.

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What symptoms are a sign that you should see an andrologist

Andrologists treat a wide range of disorders, both chronic and acute. Immediately consult a doctor if you experience any of the following symptoms:


A consultation with an andrologist is necessary for the following medical conditions:

  • Chronic diseases of the genital organs.
  • Infertility in marriage. Many factors can lead to male infertility, including infectious diseases such as mumps, rubella, and STDs; varicoceles, undescended testicles, and others.
  • Complications of STDs.
  • The first signs of "male menopause" - the aging of the body coinciding with a deficiency of androgens. After the age of 45, men’s body’s begin to produce less testosterone, which leads to a decrease or complete disappearance of sexual desire as well as erectile dysfunction.
  • Metabolic disorders - issues with blood sugar levels, excessive body weight, arterial hypertension.
  • Chronic pelvic pain syndrome - symptoms of prostatitis are observed - pain above the pubis and in the scrotum, but with no evidence of inflammation of the prostate gland.
  • When couples are trying to conceive. An andrologist's consultation will clarify issues such as sexual psychological health, activities promoting conception, and intimate contact during pregnancy and after childbirth.

If you have one or more of the above symptoms, or questions relating to them, you should consult with an andrologist.

Consultation with an andrologist

At the consultation, the andrologist will ask about your complaints, and if necessary, will examine the internal and external genital organs. A preliminary diagnosis can be made at the first visit. For acute conditions, symptomatic treatment will be immediately prescribed.

For an accurate diagnosis and selection of optimal treatment methods, the andrologist may prescribe various tests and analyses. These are performed right in our clinic - some can be done immediately, while others require some preparation. A diagnosis is made based on the test results, and a full course of treatment will be prescribed.

By the way, sometimes it is helpful to bring your partner with you to the consultation - in some cases this will help identify the problem more quickly. In addition, there is a possibility that the medical issue is not only with you.

When you sign up for an appointment with an andrologist at GMS Hospital, you are taking an important step toward restoring health and harmony to your personal life.

The sooner you see a specialist, the sooner you can begin treatment for a full recovery.

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Diseases treated by an andrologist

Andrologists deal with inflammatory and infectious diseases of the genitourinary system, and diseases caused by age-related circulatory disorders. Andrologists also assist treat men who have sustained traumatic injuries to the genital area.

Below are the most common men’s problems that are treated by andrologists:

  • Impotence - erectile dysfunction. The assistance of a specialist can prevent a deterioration of the patient’s psychological state and the onset of depression.
  • Hypogonadism - dysfunction of the sex glands and of the production of sex hormones.
  • Premature ejaculation.
  • Pathologies of the scrotum, prostatitis, prostate adenoma - for successful treatment, these diseases need to be identified in time.
  • Peyronie's disease - a curvature of the penis during erection, accompanied by pain that prevents normal sexual intercourse.
  • Urethritis - inflammation of the urethra.

What diagnostic methods are used in andrology

In most cases, to clarify the diagnosis, the andrologist may prescribe the following studies:

  • Spermogram - a laboratory study to identify the man’s fertility.
  • Analysis of prostate secretions.
  • Ultrasound and USDG.
  • Urethral smear.
  • PCR and PSA.
  • General blood analysis, to test for the presence of inflammatory processes.
  • Biochemical analysis of blood, to establish the concentration in the blood of urinary pigments and to assess kidney function.
  • General urine analysis. The presence of proteins and glucose indicates urological diseases.
  • When necessary, GMS also uses instrumental examination methods.
  • Catheterization of the bladder is commonly used to relieve urinary retention and to test for urine sterility.
  • Needle biopsy of the kidneys and prostate is performed to determine the presence of tumors.
  • Bougienage of the urethra makes it possible to identify the degree of narrowing of the urinary canal.
  • Urethroscopy, pyeloscopy and cystoscopy using an endoscope allow doctors to diagnose the condition of internal organs without surgery.
  • X-ray and other diagnostic technologies provide a complete picture of diseases and functionality of organs.

At the GMS Hospital laboratory, all analyses are performed using modern equipment that fully complies with the latest WHO requirements. This allows you to get the most accurate results and offer the best treatment.

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